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Dundee Santa Run

Congratulations to a number of pupils from Eastern who complete the Santa Run in Dundee last weekend.


P5 and P6 have been taking part in the Dundee Sumdog competition. Sumdog is a fantastic resource that has been proven to raise attainment.


P7 have been learning about World War Two

P7 have been learning about World War Two and the Blitz. They got to speak to Mrs Merry who was an evacuee during the war.    

Christmas Fayre

Huge thank you to everyone who helped support our Christmas Fayre! We rasied over £1000


Using Practical Maths resources

We have been focusing on using lots of different practical maths strategies to enable learners to have a solid understanding of different concepts.   

P6 and P7 Hockey Team

A good night at the hockey for P6 and P7. They worked well as a team and only lost 1 game, winning and drawing the rest. Well done!


Curriculum Evening

Thank you to everyone who helped to make our curriculum evening such a fantastic success! We hope you enjoyed getting getting the hands on experience, to see how your children are learning maths.

Shared Start

Great to be joined by lots of parents and carers being challenged during shared start. We hope you've been enjoyed being part of the learning that goes on in the school. 


Peer Mediation

P7 in their new peer mediation shed in the playground. The peer mediatiors have been helping look after the boys and girls in the playground. What a great experience!