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Senior Management Team



    Acting Headteacher                       Acting Depute Headteacher

Mrs Clarke                                    Mrs Radcliffe  



     Principal Teachers                         Principal Teacher SfL

 Mr Clark                           Mrs Pequenino


 Class Teachers


P1a - Mrs Pirie                              P1b - Miss Devlin


                     P2a Mrs Glennie                              P2b - Mrs Jordan and Mrs Ogilvie


                    P3/2 - Mrs Pirie                                   P3 - Mrs Caldwell and Mrs Leslie  


               P4/3 - Mrs McCallum and Mrs Morrison    P4 - Mrs Graham and Miss Dowie


      P5a - Mr Horne                                P5b - Miss Bastianiello 


P6/5 - Mrs Mc Dade       P6a - Miss Dickson       P6b - Miss Guthrie    


            P7a - Miss Gallacher                                    P7b - Miss Paterson       


Reduced Class Contact Time Teachers



         Mrs Richmond                                    Mrs Merry Donaldson

Mrs Howard                                    Mr Robinson


Support for Learning Teachers


Mrs Gray

 Additional Support Needs Team



Miss McCormick


Learning and Care Assistants



Mrs Ellerby                                    Mrs Millar

  Mrs McAteer                                    Mrs Finnigan

  Mrs Tindall                                    Mrs Ireland


Nursery Team

Nursery Teacher


Mrs Paterson

Early Years Practitioners


Senior EYP - Miss Leann McKelvie


Mrs Bruce                          Mrs Taylor

Mrs Hanton                           Mrs Waggot

Miss Oldman 



Support Staff 


Office Administrator 

Mrs Brown


Primary and Early Years Support Assistants

Mrs McPherson                 Mrs Grogan 

Mrs McConville                    Miss Lyttle     

        Mrs Nicoll                        Mrs Rowlands  

                                 Mrs Shannon