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Weekly Update 15/03/19

This week P1 have been taking their maths outdoors. They have been using sticks to count in ones and twos to a rhythm.
P3 have been adding using different methods.
Mrs Pirie's P3/2 have been using column addition, while the P3s have been partitioning. Mrs Glennie and Mrs Jordan have continued with their topic on Time and the children have been converting between digital and analogue time.
P7 have been learning about algebra and they have been balancing equations.
In P6, the children have been learning about fractions. They have been working out whether they'll get more pizza if they cut it into 6 slices or 8. Miss Dickson says she would have 6 slices as she couldn't manage 8!
Africa has been a focus for the upper school this week. A number of classes have created incredible artwork featuring an African sunset with the silhouette of animals in the foreground.
P6 have created African leaflets.
On Friday, lots of classes were treated to an African drumming masterclass. Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy it, and some people were having a go at African dancing too.
P3 and P2 have continued to practise for their circus performance next week. They have been learning to juggle this week and it sounds like it’s going to an unmissable performance.
P5 and P3 have been creating stop motion animations. They have spent the past few weeks creating characters and designing sets and P3 have begun to take pictures using the laptops and  'I Can Animate' software.
‘Lights, Camera Action’ has caught the attention of the P1s. They have created their own cinema where they are performing, taking money, and handing out different sizes of popcorn. They have been applying lots of their learning from this year. 
The nursery have been very fortunate. They have had a visit from the P4s who came to read to them and build positive relationships with them.
We've had more descriptive language this week. P5 have been writing imaginative stories using 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs' as a stimulus.
We've had a very sporty week! P4 took part in a heptathlon organised by the senior pupils in Grove. They all loved the opportunity to try different sports and competing against each other. 
Congratulations to the P6 netball team who won the Miss Ward Trophy on Thursday. Eastern have won this for the last 5 years in a row. Thank you to the efforts of Miss Paterson.
We also had our Continued Support Visit following our inspection. Education officers and a Head Teacher spent Wednesday in our school visiting classes, looking at children’s work, talking to children, parents, staff and the senior leafership team. More feedback on this will come out to parents soon.
Next week is the Dundee Arts Festival. P4-7 have the IMS live concert on a Thursday. P7 and our Brass players are performing in a Showcase on Tuesday and P3 are going to take part in The Big Wee Singalong on Monday. Please remember to send back permission slips as this is a great opportunity for the children.
We also have Parent- Teacher evenings. If you have not yet received your time please contact the office.
Have a wonderful weekend, see you all on Monday.